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      XY-4 Core Drilling Rig


      XY-4 is a shallow/middle-hole core drill rig. It can be used to not only the drilling of carbide bit for engineering geological
      exploration and hydrological shallow-layer fluid and natural gas exploration, but also the drilling of small-diameter diamond bit for the exploration of metal, nonmetal and solid mineral deposits. It has been widely applied to the drilling operation of energy survey, highway/railway construction, hydropower engineering, civil engineering, etc.

      1. The drill rig is characterized by higher rotation speeds and rational speed range, a bigger range for speed grade and bigger low-speed torque. It is applicable to the small-diameter core drilling with diamond bits, and it can also meet the requirements of the big-diameter core drilling with hard alloy bits and various engineering hole drilling;
      2. It adopts vehicle transmission case and clutch, with simple structure and rational layout. All parts are exposed, without
      overlapping, easy to maintenance, serving and repair.
      3. It has two-gear reverse speeds for dealing with the accident in the hole, with lower labor strength and safe operation;
      4. Its hydraulic gear pump adopts the vehicle-specific oil pump, which is directly suspended on the transmission case, with compact structure and easy for disassembly and repair;
      5. The drill rig is light in weight, easy to be disassembled and moved and available to the operation in mountainous area;
      6. It is equipped with sufficient instruments, which is in favor of mastering the situation in hole, with a few operating handles, and characterized by rational layout and flexible and reliable operation;
      7. The machine can moved steadily and fixed firmly. Its frame is solid, with a lower gravity center and good stability during the
      high-speed drilling;
      8. The hydraulic plunger chuck is adopted, with reliable clamping operation and free from damaging the drive pipe;

      Technical Specification:

      DCDMA Drilling rod  Drilling rod of wires to core   BQ Drilling rod 800m 
       NQ Drilling rod 600m 
       HQ Drilling rod 450m 
       PQ Drilling rod 250m 


      Inclination range of vertical shaft  0°~ 360
      Power Resource Model Power Revolution  Weight(without Chassis)
      Electric motor Y225S-4  37KW 1480 r/min 300kg 
      Diesel engine YCD4K11T-50 37KW 2200 r/min 300kg 


      Swivel Head Type Double-cylinder feeding and mechanical gyre
      Spindle diameter φ80mm
      Spindle speed Forward(r/min)48 87 150 230 327 155 280 485 745 1055
      Reverse(r/min)52 170
      Max. torque 5757N·m  Feeding travel of vertical shaft 600mm
      Max. uplifting force of
      vertical shaft
      80KN Max. feeding force of vertical


      Clutch Type A typical 130-type vehicle-specific dry single-disc friction clutch


      Hoist Type Planetary gear transmission system
      Diameter of wire rope φ15.5mm
      Drum capacity 89m(seven layers)
       Max. hoisting force (Single rope)  48KN
      Hoisting velocity  Hoisting velocity (third layer) 0.46 0.83 2.21 3.15 


      Hydraulic System Normal pressure 8Mpa Max.Pressure  10Mpa
      Oil pump With Diesel engine  With electric motor
      Type:With Diesel engine  CB-E25  CB-E40
      Nominal displacement 25mL/r 40mL/r
      Nominal speed 2000r/min 2000r/min
      Rated pressure  16Mpa 16Mpa
      Most press 20Mpa 20Mpa


      Frame Type 1: Skid type(with sliding base)
      2:Trailer Mounted Type
      3:Crawler Mounted Type
       Movable travel of drill  460mm Distance between drill and hole-opening 280mm