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      Medium Pressure DTH Hammers


      Our DTH hammer and bits are compatible with CIR, DHD, QL,SD,Mission, etc. series of Atlas and Sandvik etc.

       They are with high efficiency, low failure rate and long service life. Even for all kinds of high hardness,

      high abrasive rocks and other harsh conditions, our drilling tools can also realize efficient and economical drilling.


      ◆Type and Technical Specification of Medium Pressure DTH Hammers 

      Item GL930 GL4.5
      Drilling Dia. (ф/mm) 90-120 110-150
      Hammer Length(mm) 870 917
      Outside Dia.(ф/mm) 80.5 98
      Weight(kg) 25 36
      Working Pressure (Mpa) 0.8-1.2 0.8-1.2
      Air Consumption (M3/Min.) 6 11
      Torque(N.M) 180 300
      Impact Frequency (Times/Min.) ≥700 ≥800
      Connection 1 External API 2- 3/8” Inner API 2- 3/8”
      Connection 2 ф54-6 ф65-6