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      32ton hdd drill rig


      HDD-32 horizontal directional drilling rig is a full hydraulic crawler type drill rig. It is simple and advanced structure, equiped with load-sensitive system, which is high efficient and low heat feature.  The main hydraulic components are famous brands. Drill Rig mast can be movable to ensure that the rig is ready for drilling within the drilling angle range. The whole machine has low center of gravity, good stability and good overall appearance.

      1. The main components such as diesel engines, hydraulic pumps, valves, motors, reducers and key hydraulic accessories are famous brands.
      2.  Low emission of diesel engine and professional noise reduction design make the drilling machine more suitable for urban construction.
      3. Adopting internationally advanced control technology to minimize the power consumption of the rig without load.
      4. Equipped with wireless guiding device, easy to operate.
      5. Mud pump is hydraulic driven type with mechanical shifting, which can be flexibly adjusted the pump volume according to different geological conditions and construction techniques. 
      6. The working mode of the pulping system is jet slurry and circulating storage.
      7. Using φ73mm,L=300mm drill pipe, the drill is fully equipped and can be customized according to user requirements.

      Main technical parameters
      Drill Rig
      Engine power Yuchai YC6A210D 155KW
      Feed force/pull back force 320/320KN
      Rated torque 1300N·m
      Main Shaft Rotating Speed 0-48,0-96r/min
      Feeding Stroke 3300mm
      Guide hole diameter Φ150(185)mm
      Penetration Angle 8-20°
      Hydraulic system pressure 20Mpa
      Travelling Speed 2-2.6Km/h
      Structure  Rubber track, mud pump all-in-one machine
      Dimensions 2.85(L)×2.25(W)×2.4(H)m
      weight 8.4T
      Mud pump
      Model BW-320
      Max. Flow Rate 320L/min
      Max. pressure 7Mpa(10Mpa)
      Pulping system
      Engine parameters 4KW diesel engine
      Pulping pump parameters 30m3/h
      Slurry tank capacity 2m3
      Volume 6m3/h
      Drilling Tools
      Drill Rod Φ73×3000mm
      Pilot bit Φ130(150)mm
      Fluted Backreamer Φ325 Φ400 Φ500 Φ600 Φ720Φ830
      Measurement and control instrument Optional