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      GL120 Full Pneumatic Drilling Rig





      Features of GL120 Full Pneumatic Drilling Rig

      1. It is a full motorized rig with strong grade ability, convenient to move and turn around, and can be operated in short distance temporary traction, with theses advantages, the rig can adapt to complicated working conditions.

      2. The maintenance workload for the rig is small and needs little time to do the auxiliary work. The pneumatic spare parts are with high temperature resistance, low failure rate and easy to repair and maintain.
      3. The spare parts of GL120 rig is widely used and easy to get all over the world.

      4. The GL120 rig can be equipped with three kinds of rotation motor device (vane pneumatic motor, gear pneumatic motor, 5.5kw or 7.5kw electric motor rotation), we can customize according to customer’s need. With different configurations, the rig can realize different working ways as a pneumatic rock drilling rig or a blasthole drilling rig. Details are as below.

      Main Technical Parameters as Pneumatic Rock Drill Rig

      Drilling Diameter: 48~65mm (match R32 drill rod)
                                     55~89mm (match T45 drill rod)
                                     64~102mm (match T51 drill rod)
      Drilling Depth: 3~12m
      Air Consumption: 12~22 m3/min
      Working Pressure: 0.5~0.7 Mpa

      Main Technical Parameters as Down-the-hole Drilling Rig
      Hole Diameter 105-140mm Boom Pitch Angle up 55°, down 15°
      Hole Depth vertical 30m, downward 25m Boom Swing Angle left 45°, right 45°
      Working Pressure 1.05—2.46 Mpa Frame Pitch Angle up 45°, down 60°
      Air Consumption 17—21 m3/ min Frame Swing Angle left 50°, right 35°
      Rotary Speed 0—72 r/min Length of Drill Pipe 3m
      Traveling Speed 3 Km/h Diameter of Drill Pipe 76mm
      Rotary Torque 2520 N.m Grade ability 32°
      Max Lifting Capacity ≥12000 N Weight 5300 kg
      Overall Dimensions Under Transportation Status 6900*2260*1800mm Dusting Method dry or wet type