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      GL120Y Hydraulic DTH Drill Rig



      GL120Y high air pressure DTH drill powers the moving of the oil hydraulic motor, rotation, propelling and lifting, swing angle location and so on by diesel ( or electromotor) driving the hydraulic oil pump. 

      The DTH hammers consumes the pressure air only when drilling. It can save energy (fuel oil or electric quality) as 40%-50% as the total pneumatic drill. It can also work with drill rods and button bits for rock drilling.

      GL120Y is good for blasting hole in surface mine, water electric building, road construction and stone project.

      Main technical parameters

      Main Parameters of GL120Y Hydraulic DTH drill rig
      Hole diameter 90-140mm
      Hole depth 30-90M
      Hammer 4, 5, 6inch 
      Drill rod 60mm,76mm,89mm
      Air pressure 1.05-2.4Mpa
      Air consumption 11.3--24m³/min
      Max. hole hight        (horizontal) 3.1m
      Angle of Guide Up 45°, Down 60°
      Max. Swing angle of frame right 35°, left50°
      Boom swing Left 45° right 45°
      Angle of Boom Up 48°, Down 19°
      Lift up >30000N
      Rotary speed 0-90r/min
      Rotation Torque 3000N.m
      Traveling speed 0-2.5Km/h
      Braking Wet-type double disk, release hydraulic oil, spring application
      Grade ability 26°
      Transportation dimensions 6000*2300*2400mm
      Weight 7.0t
      Engine YuChai 70KW  OR Cummins Engine 56KW
      Optional parts: Wet-type dust collection, Dry-type dust collection, Cummins diesel engine,