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      GL300 Core Drilling Rig


      drilling machine
      2.easy to operate
      3.high quality
      4.reasonable price

      GL-300 Core drilling machine

      GL-300 Drilling machine is a new type of vertical spindle machine manufactured by Glorytek Industry ( Beijing ) Co., Ltd., for which a diesel engine or motor may be chosen as power. It is primarily used with diamond drill bit or carbide drill bit for the drilling in solid mineral deposit as well as those in engineering geotectonic survey, foundation pile hole and water well hole.

      1. Compact mechanical transmission structure, lightweight, vertical spindle for large through hole diameter with hexagonal drive drilling rod, ensured torque transmission.
      2. Higher rotating speed and rational scope, adaptable for the drillings with small diameter diamond drill bit or large diameter carbide drill bit and other engineering hole drillings.
      3. During the hydraulic controlled feeding process, both the pressure and speed of feeding can be regulated to meet the requirements of different stratum drillings.
      4. Less and centralized handles, easy operation. 

      Technical Specifications
      Drill rod dia 50mm
      Drilling depth 300/250/200/170/150/m
      Initial hole dia 75/110/130/150/200mm
      Final hole dia 75mm
      Angle range 75°-90°
      Dimensions(L×W×H) 1070×1030×1270 (mm)
      Weight(without power unit) 750kg
      Swivel Head
      Spindle speed
      Forward 85/125/230/375/560/1000 r/min
      Reverse 9 r/min
      Spindle stroke 450mm
      Spindle lifting capacity max 45 KN
      Spindle pull down
      max 39KN  
      Spindle max.torque 1.7KN.m
      Spindle upward moving max 2.4,4.8m/min
      Reel speed 22/34/62/100/150/270 r/min
      Reel diameter 145mm
      Hoisting drum linear velocity 0.18/0.30/0.54/0.86/1.3/2.3m/s
      Max .lifting capacity (single rope) 20KN
      Wire rope dia 9.3mm
      Wire rope capacity 35m
      Drum dia 252mm
      Gate width 50mm
      Oil Pump
      Type Gear pump
      Model YBC-30/80
      Rated displacement  20ML/r
      Rated pressure 8Mpa
      Rated speed 1500r/min
      Power (diesel engine or motor)
      Model (diesel engine) L28N
      Rated power 20KW
      Rated speed 2000r/min
      Model (motor) Y160L-4
      Rated power 15KW
      Rated speed 1440r/min