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      XY-1A Core Drilling Rig

      1.Compact structure
      2.light weight,easy move
      3.high efficiency
      4.reasonable price

      XY‐1A Core Drilling Rig

      is a light type machine at high speed with hydraulic feeding. XY‐1A  and XY‐1A‐1 are designed on the basis of XY‐1A.

      1. Drillings for the general exploration and investigation of solid mineral deposit,engineering geotectonic survey and concrete structure inspection holes.
      2.Diamond drill bit, alloy drill bit and steel roller drill bit and so on are available for drilling according to different geological structures.
      3.When the final holes are respectively 75mm and 46mm in diameter, the rated hole depths are separately 100m and 180m. The maximum of depth may not exceed 110% of that drilled in each hole. The maximum allowable hole diameter is 150 mm.


      1.With hydraulic feeding device, elevated drilling efficiency, reduced labor strength.
      2.The rig is equipped with an upper spherical jaw holding mechanism and hexagonal drive drilling rod which can be replaced without shutdown, high efficiency, safe and reliable.
      3. A hole bottom pressure gauge is mounted indicating the pressure in order to control the status inside the hole.

      4.Compact structure, small volume, lightweight, high detachability, easy transportation and suitable for the operations in plains or mountain areas.

      Technical Specifications 
      Drilling depth 100/180 m
      Initial hole dia 150mm 
      Final hole dia 75/46mm
      Drill rod dia 42/43mm
      Angle range 90°75°
      Dimensions(L×W×H) 1620×970×1560(mm)
      Weight(without power unit)  620kg
      Migration distance 350mm
      Swivel Head 
      Spindle speed(5speed) 1010/790/470/295/140r/min
      Spindle stroke 450mm
      Upwarddisplacement speed of idling vertical spindle 0.05m/s
      Downward displacement speed of idling vertical spindle 0.067m/s
      Spindle pulldown max 15KN
      Spindle lifting capacity max 25KN
      Max .lifting capacity(single rope) 15KN
      Lifting rotating speed 121/76/36r/min
      Hoisting drum linear velocity (two levels) 0.166/0.331/0.733/1.465m/s
      Drum dia 140mm
      Wire rope dia 9.3mm
      Wire rope capability 35m
      Brake dia 252mm
      Brake belt width 50mm
      Oil Pump 
      Model YBC12/80
      Rated pressure 8Mpa
      Displacement 8ml/r
      Rated speed 1500r/min
      Power (diesel engine or motor) 
      Model (diesel engine) S1100A2
      Rated power 10.3KW
      Rated speed 2200r/min
      Model (motor) Y160M4
      Rated power 11KW
      Rated speed 1460r/min
      Mud Pump  
      Model Horizontal reciprocating singleacting piston pump
      Displacement max  
      Equipped with diesel engine 95L/min
      Equipped with motor 77L/mm
      Allowable working pressure max 1.2Mpa
      Continuous working pressure 0.7Mpa
      Suction pipe dia 32mm
      Discharge pipe dia 25mm