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      HDD-45A-70 Trenchless Drilling Rig




      HDD-45A/70 Trenchless Drilling Rig Specification
      Engine Power 194KW
      Feed/Pullback Capacity 450-700kN
      Feed-Pullback System Rack and pinion,6 gear drive walking
      3 steps steplessly adjustable
      Ⅰ: 6m/min Ⅱ:12 m/min Ⅲ;40m/min
      Rated Rotation Torque 18000N.m
      Main Shaft Rotary Speed 0-48r/min
      Weight 10t
      Feed Stroke 4800mm
      Guide Hole Diameter Φ170mm
      Penetration Angle 8-18°
      Feed Speed 2-2.6km/h
      Structure Steel track, crane, mud pump drill rig
      Crane 2Ton
      DimensionL×W×H 8000×2300×2450mm
      Weight 15t
      Mud Pump BW600
      Max. Flow Rate 600L/min
      Max. Pressure 8Mpa
      Drill Pipe Φ89×4500mm    Φ83×3000mm
      Reamer BitOptional φ400--φ1300mm
      Swivel 60T
      Measurement and Control Instrument Optional
      Cabin Available