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      GL120YG-A High Pressure Drill Rig


      GL120YG-A High Air Pressure Drill Rig powered by diesel engine or electric motor to drive hydraulic system, which providing power for hydraulic motor walking, rotation, pushing and lifting, cylinder angle positioning, hydraulic winch etc.. It is multi-angle drilling, strong gradeability, floating adjustable parallel, fast drilling speed and flexible. It can save more than 30% energy compared with pneumatic drill. The drilling speed can be 20-35 m per hour with the rock rigidity f=6-18, especially suit for large gradient, frequent movement, Multi-angle work. It is mainly used for surface mining, stone works projects, conservancy and hydropower, road construction and solar panel working.


      The fuel consumption at different drilling diameter and different air pressure:

        Medium Pressure Drilling(1.2~1.4Mpa) High Pressure Drilling(2.0~2.5Mpa)
      Drilling dia.(mm) 115 140 165 300 (Solar pole) 115 140 165 300 (Solar Pole)
      Air consumption (m3/min) 11 11 16 24 16 16 24 24
      Air compressor fuel consumption (L/h) 25 25 28 35 28 28 35 35
      Drilling depth (m) 30 30 30 10 30 30 30 10
      Drilling efficiency per hour (m/min) 15~20 13~18 11~16 5 20~30 18~27 16~24 5

      Different configurations to choose on the basis of actual working conditions:

      optional configuration classify watt level performance feature relative dominance comparison
      power diesel engine YC4D95Z-T21 power margin, power flow strong working and transitions easy, wide subject range intolerant high or low temperature, wide noise, transitions high cost
      electrical machine 45KW energy conservation the most ability, low temperature resistant, low noise, low operation cost working and transitions not easy, not widely subject range
      dusting method dry dust removal import high speed motor rotary stream and filter element, without obvious dust suit for all kinds of working condition and season, without affecting life of drill tool and drilling efficiency higher cost, complex construction.
      wet dust removal no  power consumption the dust fall effect is adjustable according to working condition low cost, simple construction, less failure Unfit for all kinds of working condition and season, reduce affecting life of drill tool and drilling

      GL120YG-A high pressure drill rig main parameters:

      air pressure 1.05-2.46 MPa drill rod diameter 76mm or 89mm travelling speed 0-2.5km/h
      air consumption 11.3-28 m³/min compensative stroke 1200mm rotary speed 0-90pm
      hole diameter 105-300mm max lift up ≥30000N rotary torque 3000N.M
      equipped with hammer 3, 4,5,6 ,8 inc
      hole depth 30-90m angle of frame up 45°,down 60° weight 7500kg
      max hole 3200mm frame swing left 50°,right 35° overall dimensions 6900*2300*2400mm
      min hole 650mm stick swing left and right 45° dusting method wet type or dry type
      push displacement 3000mm grade ability 26° power 70kw (Yuchai)
      drill rod length 3000mm min ground clearance 254mm 37kw (electrical motor)

      Other configurations according to special requirement:

      1. Auger Drill Configuration: Used for screw drill pipe, cutting drilling.

      Rotation Speed(rpm) 0-120
      Rotation Torque (N.m) 6000(Double motor)
      Drilling Depth(m) 0-3
      Drilling diameter(mm) 90-400

      2.Half Hydraulic Pneumatic Rock Drill Configuration: used for throwing into self bolting anchor rod.

      Drilling diameter  48-65mm (R32 drill rod)
      55-89mm(T45 drill rod)
       64-102mm(T51 drill rod)
      Drilling Depth 3-15m
      Air Consumption 7-12m3/min
      Working Pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa